What Australians need to know about moving to New Zealand

Australia was once the dream destination for most New Zealanders due to employment, public healthcare, educational opportunities, weather and lifestyle. But for the past few years, the table has turned completely.

Several Australians have started moving to New Zealand. If you are also planning to move to New Zealand, you must have some basic knowledge about New Zealand. Let’s explore some of the facts you must know before booking house movers and moving to New Zealand.


If you decide to work in New Zealand, Australians are eligible for KiwiSaver, a popular employer-sponsored and government-subsidized retirement savings program. Some companies also enable you to transfer funds from your Australian retirement system.


If you are staying in New Zealand for the long term, Australian citizens and permanent residents have access to the entire spectrum of publicly supported health care. To be qualified, you must have lived there for at least two years (or intend to do so).

Australians who do not plan to remain for two years may also get medical assistance. To establish your eligibility, make sure you have your passport and Medicare card on hand.

Travel Insurance

If you’re relocating from Australia to New Zealand, you should absolutely get one-way travel insurance (ex-pat cover), which will cover you and your family in the case of a variety of crises, such as:

  • All medical expenditures incurred as a result of an accident or sickness
  • Theft of high-value items
  • Loss of luggage
  • Planned flight disruptions
  • Flights that have been canceled
  • Additional lodging and travel costs as a consequence of sickness or injury
  • Legal as well as personal responsibility

While ex-pat insurance is costly, it is well worth it since the alternative might result in significant out-of-pocket payments. Therefore, think wisely to decide the travel insurance facility.

Study Opportunities

In New Zealand, Australian nationals and permanent residents are recognized as domestic students. Therefore, you don’t need to apply for a visa and may pay for your study using local funds (including tertiary). However, before applying for a student loan or Student Allowance, you must have lived in New Zealand for at least three years.

Accommodation for living

Australians residing in New Zealand do not suffer any limitations while renting or buying property; they are subject to the same rules as locals. In addition, while the New Zealand government has prohibited foreigners from purchasing real estate, Australians are exempt.

The average weekly rent in New Zealand is $390 (NZ) for a small home and $525 (NZ) for a property with two to four bedrooms. Consider sharing a house with locals if you’re searching for a cheaper solution. Sharing a flat with some other people is quite common among non-family guests.

Quarantine and Customs Regulations

It would help if you got acquainted with the customs rules of every nation you want to visit. For example, New Zealand, like Australia, has rigorous bio-security rules in place to protect its species from hazardous pests and illnesses. You’ll be handed a Passenger Arrival Card on your flight to declare any forbidden items.